100 Alternate Picking Exercises for Guitar


Alternate picking is a fundamental skill for anyone playing guitar with a pick. This book is meant to show the guitarist how to navigate through the strings with precision and speed. All of the exercises are built around a downstroke pick escape, meaning they switch to another string only after a downstroke. Symbols indicating whether a note is to be played with a downstroke, upstroke or hammer on/pull off are present in every exercise. Tonally all of the exercises are composed in some variant of A minor, but since there are no open strings in them they are easy to transpose to any key. The book is a 40 page PDF in standard notation and tablature. Get the book here.

Birds - 7 Miniatures for Guitar Trio (2022)

These seven trio pieces are short, just eight bars each, and easy to play. All the miniatures are composed using only natural notes, there are no sharps or flats. Each piece is based on one of the seven modes of the major scale so all of them have its own tonal personality. Rhythmically they are very simple with no rests, and they are all played in the first position of the fretboard. All in all these miniatures are meant to be a good place for young students or other beginners to start playing together. Get the book here.

Six Easy Etudes for Classical Guitar (2022)

This collection of etudes are written specifically for guitarists who want to take their first steps in to the world of classical guitar. They are composed to give both the right and the left hand a good starting point that will make taking on easy classical repertoire more approachable. All the etudes are played in the first position of the fingerboard and have detailed fingerings for both hands. Get the book here.

10 Classical Duets for Bass Guitar (2018)

10 Classical Duets for Bass Guitar is a collection of music from the classical genre arranged for two bass guitars. The music spans from baroque master Johann Sebastian Bach to present day minimalist Arvo Pärt. The emphasis is on 20th century music like Bartók and Stravinsky. The arrangements are written so that they can be played on 24 fret 4-string bass guitars. All the music is in standard notation in a 19 page PDF. Recordings of the duets are available for listening on my YouTube-channel. Get the book here.

10 Solo Pieces for Bass Guitar


10 Solo Pieces for Bass Guitar is a collection of original music written specifically for the bass guitar as a solo instrument. The difficulty of the music ranges from easy to advanced. You can play all the pieces on a 4-string bass. Of course an instrument with an even wider range works fine too. The book is a 22 page PDF in standard notation and tablature. You can see all the pieces played in this video. Get the book here.

Bartók for Two Guitars


Bartók for Two Guitars is a collection of 25 Béla Bartók pieces arranged for a guitar duo. Since Bartók never composed for the guitar this music has been carefully transcribed to make it fit this particular instrument. The pieces in the book has been arranged in order to be progressively more challenging. The purpose of the book is to broaden the repertoire available to students and teachers of the classical guitar. These pieces offers a taste of the often absent 20th century music without being hard to either perform or listen to. The book is a 34 page PDF. The music is written in standard notation.

Get the book here.